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Parables from the Projects Live Recap - Brooklyn Goes Hard!

Updated: Oct 21, 2019


Guest post by Gabby Cudjoe Wilkes

(Brooklyn, NY - August 20, 2019) - From stories of working with Mike Tyson to stories of taking children out of the projects - Parables from the Projects LIVE from Brooklyn was a night of stories, family, and the things that make Brooklyn what it is - dynamic. Father - daughter duo, Gordy & Mia told the stories of their childhood, challenges and triumphs with help from special guests who lived the journey with them.

Gordy, the show’s co-founder & co-host told stories of being formerly incarcerated & the commitment he had to live for his daughters once he returned home. “It was like I had a call to protect my girls & their friends from the streets. I vowed to get them out of the projects even if it was only for a day. I never asked for money from the kid’s parents. Whatever I had, they had. I may have had 15 or so kids with me but we split up a happy meal or did whatever we needed to do. It was all about the kids.”

One of the special guests on the show, Indya Kellman, narrated the time Gordy took Mia and the kids to Mike Tyson’s house. The kids couldn’t believe that living like that was possible. Co-host & co-founder Mia reflected on the things & community based organizations which made her who she was: from PowerPlay NYC to Hampton University - all the way to Harvard.

Fast-forward to 2019 and Mia is living in Los Angeles as a producer, Gordy is a Director of Facilities at a consortium of Bronx Excellence Schools and they both inspiring communities across the nation by sharing their stories. The father-daughter duo are also incredibly passionate about their faith. Both of them credit God for gracing them to live the incredible life that they currently live.

The live podcast took place at Brooklyn cigar bar, Brooklyn Blew Smoke - co-owned by family friend, Gloria. Gloria opened up the night saying “Whatever Mia & Gordy need - it’s always a yes. That’s what it means to create family that isn’t blood.” That’s what last night was all about. Brooklyn coming together as family to share parables from the past.

Visit to learn more about this brand new podcast. The live episode that was filmed last night will run as episode nine. Mia & Gordy are here to stay.

Listen to the episode HERE.

Watch the full episode on YouTube or below:

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